Bio Ritmo

by Bio Ritmo



2003, Locutor Records
Out of Print.


released January 1, 2003


Rei Alvarez : voz, guiro
Giustino Riccio : timbal, bongo, coro
Marlysse Simmons : piano, rhodes
Gabo Tomasini : conga
Bob Miller : trumpet, coro
Tim Lett : trumpet
Tobias Whitaker : trombone
Stefan Demetriadis : bass trombone
Jon Sullivan : bass

Artwork by Rei Alvarez

Recorded & Engineered by Brian Paulson
at Sound of Music Studios, Richmond, VA

Produced by Brian Paulson & Bio Ritmo

Mastered by John Golden at Golden Mastering.


all rights reserved



Bio Ritmo Richmond, Virginia

indie-salsa dura, original, funky, experimental, 70's inspired

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Track Name: El Rayito
El Rayito
por Rei Alvarez

Da un brinquito el sol en la lejania,
Y un rayito de esperanza,
Parte la nube mia

...Yo lo se, que son solo sentimientos,
Que nacen del alma mia
Cuando esta ausente la alegria
...No llore, por lo menos esta vez,
Pues enganan los pensamientos,
Y de esto me acorde

Lentamente, se van cayendo mis dias
Y el rayito, siempre avanza,
Persiguiendo mi vida

...Yo no se, soy solo gota en la corriente
Que tienes tu para mi en mente,
Sera salvarme otra vez?
…Y llore, por lo menos esta vez,
Pues ridiculos, mis sentimientos,
Del rayito me olvide

Rayo detente, mi corazon no es jugete
Vete lejos, te lo pido,
Quiero ser yo el mas fuerte

…Yo lo se, que es tan solo el egoismo
Que siempre me tira al abismo
Donde yo veo solo lo mio
…No llore, por lo menos esta vez
Pues alcanzo mi nube,
Ese condenado rayo,
Y me la llego a romper

...Y otra vez va a amanecer... The Little Ray (In this case, a ray of hope)
by Rei Alvarez

The sun does a little jump in the distance,
And a little ray of hope splits my cloud

…I know, that they’re only feelings,
Born of my soul,
When happiness is absent
…I didn’t cry, at least this time,
For feelings lie,
And this I remembered

Slowly, my days go falling
And the little ray, always advancing
Following my life

…I don’t know, I’m only a drop in the current
What have you in mind for me,
To save me once again?
…And I cried, at least this time,
For ridiculous, my feelings,
Of the little ray I forgot

Cease ray, my heart is not a toy
Go far, I beg of you
I want to be the stronger one.

…I know, that it’s only selfishness
That always throws me to the abyss
Where I see only that which is mine
…I didn’t cry, at least this time,
For it reached my cloud,
That damned ray,
And did away with it

…And once again it will be dawn…